Mazatlan 14 degrees weather will continue for a few days


The drop in temperatures is due to the presence of cold fronts 38 and 39 in the northwest of the country.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Cold temperatures will remain, especially in the morning, during the next four days, due to the presence of the seventh winter storm of the year, said Hugo Nordahl, in charge of the Meteorological Service in Mazatlán de la Conagua.

Temperatures will range between 14 and 15 degrees, similar to the temperature felt yesterday. These temperatures may be experienced mainly in the mornings, so it is recommended that you wear a coat when leaving home early.

This climate is due to the presence of the cold fronts 38 and 39, which have generated a winter storm, the seventh of the year, affecting almost entirely northwest and northern Mexico, lowering the temperatures of the affected states. 

Low temperatures will be maintained

He clarified that the storm is beginning to move to the United States but the temperatures will be kept low, since between February 20 and 21 the cold front number 40 will enter, with winds of up to 30 kilometers per hour. 

The possibility of these temperatures lengthening is minimal since the meteorological phenomenon moved towards the southeast of the country.

Source: El Debate

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