Mazatlan Authorities reveal the cause of death of corpse found in a suitcase on cruise ship


The alleged aggressor is of Brazilian nationality, and the deceased of Mexico City, who was found dead inside a suitcase.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- A man is being held as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of a person inside a ship. This murder occurred last Sunday morning at the navigation port.

The authority

The deputy prosecutor of the South zone of Sinaloa, Cruz Alejandro Flores Salazar, assured that the man who was found without life was inside a suitcase in one of the cabins of the ship.

The official said that the ship that is involved in this event is not an active cruise ship and had not docked in the port on Sunday, clarifying that the unit involved has already been docked for a month because it is under repair.

Without specifying the company of the boat , Alejandro Flores commented that this will continue in the port for some two more months, because it is the estimated time in which the repair work will be completed.

On the causes of death of the deceased today, said that it had been asphyxiation and not with a knife as he had made known at first.

The body of the man victim has already been claimed by their relatives, who will be responsible for moving it to Mexico City.

Those involved in the murder were boat workers. As reported on Tuesday, the company Dinamic Hotels said through a bulletin that the quarrel between civilians occurred at dawn on Saturday aboard the ship under repair Vidanta Elegant.

The detainee

Regarding the legal situation, the Brazilian consulate wants to intervene since the accused is originally from that country. The Office of the Prosecutor will continue to do its corresponding work to clarify the homicide.

Source: El Debate

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