Potato Festival Pa ‘la Papa in Los Mochis received over 100 thousand visitors


Los Mochis, Sinaloa. – With a batucada and diverse activities that were developed in the musical scene, yesterday took place the second and last day of the Festival “Pa ‘the Papa Mochis”, event that fulfilled the expectations of participation, because during the Two days of the event received more than 100 thousand visitors, said Gildardo González Saldívar.

A very good audience yesterday received the festival Pa 'la Papa Los Mochis. (THE DEBATE)

The president of the Specialized Potato Section of the private agricultural sector said that they are motivated by the good response found in society, which strengthens the sector.

The previous thing because finally that is given in response to the series of programs of diffusion that were directed so that the population knows more of all the benefits that are derived from the consumption of this important food that every time is more demanded by the population of the municipality and its surroundings.

The product is an important source of nutrients for the body and also offers a wide range of alternatives to consume it in a healthy way.


Without a doubt, the closing batucada of the great event caught the Mochitans because as soon as they began to feel this contagious music immediately the population approached the exhibition area.

It was at that time that a second tasting was held at the different stands of various dishes and sandwiches made from potatoes.

He highlighted the good participation that was on the part of the visitors during the two days of the event and that speaks of the good organization and the impact that is already provoking among the population the realization of this type of events.

These are undoubtedly positive results because at the same time that they are aimed at promoting a greater culture in potato consumption, they also allow organized merchants to obtain benefits from sales made of various items offered to consumers. .


Mexico is self-sufficient in potato production, since this year the national harvest of food products will reach 1.8 million tons, 5 percent more than last year, says Gerardo García Menaut.

Presiding, together with Gildardo González Salvídar, the start of the Festival Pa ‘la Papa Los Mochis , event that will take place over two days and will gather more than 100 thousand visitors, the president of the National Confederation of Potato Producers (Conpapa) declared that the volume of the product allows to cover fully the needs that are presented at a national level by the population.

He indicated that at this time the national harvest is undertaken precisely in the state of Sinaloa and later will move to Sonora.

He said that potato production in Mexico is carried out in 22 states of the country, which provide a volume of production that is totally sufficient to meet the needs of fresh consumption required by the population, as well as meeting the needs of the national industry and the supply of seed.

Opening. Municipal authorities and film leaders cut the traditional ribbon that marked the opening of the Festival. 

“The harvests are running normally in the various states and betting and working so that our federal government does well, contributing what belongs to us, because if the government is doing well, we are doing well,” he said.

He indicated that this year the potato market is expected to behave very similar to last year.

On the other hand, Gildardo González Saldívar pointed out that the Festival Pa ‘la Papa Los Mochis had a very good start in the city, since once again there was an excellent response from the population.

He explained that the event started with the participation of 300 primary school children who, through the Board of Education of the Municipality of Ahome, participated in the harvest of a piece of land planted in the vicinity of the Jiquilpan industrial zone, where they were explained everything related to the crop and they were allowed to take out the potatoes with their own hands. 

Ambient. At the Festival Pa ‘La Papa Los Mochis a musical stage was set up where diverse groups and bands cheered the audience. 

At 1:00 pm the inaugural declaration of the exhibition area of ​​the festival “Pa ‘La Papa Los Mochis” was made with the traditional ribbon cutting, an event where more than 40 different exhibitors participated, in addition to the restaurants that once again They offered to the population the tasting of diverse dishes elaborated with potato.

Prize. A cash prize of one thousand pesos was received by the first two children who filled the bag of potatoes first. 

Children overflow enthusiasm during potato harvest

Joy. With great enthusiasm the children harvested the potato. 
Knowledge. Gildardo González Saldívar shows a potato plant and explains how the product develops under the ground. 
     Opening. Producers share potato information with children from schools in the region. 
Competition. As part of the activities, all children will participate in a drawing contest where the theme is lived experience, two bicycles will be awarded. 

Producers put in place measures to avoid oversupply of potatoes in the country

In order to try to improve the conditions in which the commercialization of the potato is celebrated at national level, producers of potato of the entity started up a series of strategic measures tending to improve the positioning of the food product and to avoid the oversupply of product in the market.

Gildardo González Saldívar, president of the Special Section of Potato of the particular agricultural sector, indicated that with the measure they began to store some volumes of potatoes in the warehouses and the number of shipments to the different commercial plazas of the country was reduced, because these finally They can not be stopped in their entirety.

He clarified that the measure is aimed at trying to avoid surplus product in the market, as these directly affect the marketing and prevents them from achieving the fair prices they must achieve for the product, in order to recover the high investment costs and look for this activity to continue as an important source of labor generation that directly benefits the inhabitants of the different rural communities and the generation of resources that have a positive impact on the economy of the state and sectors that directly and indirectly depend on the development of this activity.

Source: El Debate

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