The high cost of toll booths affects tourism in Mazatlan


Oscar Palacios Gómez assures that tourists prefer to go to other destinations since they contemplate expenses and for the constant increase they choose not to visit the port.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The high cost of the Durango-Mazatlán highway affects the tourism sector, since it limits people to visit the destination, due to the constant increases in the toll booths, so business leaders seek a solution to This situation, said Oscar Palacios Gómez.

The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Food in Mazatlan said that people plan their expenses, and having to pay more the influx of tourists low, since they prefer to take other destinations where it costs less, especially the road.

“Obviously it affects us, obviously we feel it because we cross that road too and feet we see that tourism can be limited”.

The leader of the Canirac said that last Sunday members of the tourism sector held a meeting with Senator Ruben Rocha Moya, who raised several problems affecting the sector, to give a solution as it impacts tourists and industry agencies.

“Several issues were raised, from tourist connectivity, the theme of light, the theme of highways to improve infrastructure, training, etc., hopefully there will be a positive response regarding these issues.”

Palacios Gómez trusted that in the face of the requests that were raised promptly, they would have a positive response so that in this way the tourism capacity will be greater and more favorable for Mazatlan.

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