Mexico will become the main photovoltaic market of Latin American


The advance of solar energy in Mexico would place the country as the main photovoltaic market in Latin America in the next five years, he anticipated the Asian company Trina Solar Limited, announcing its participation in the Solar Power Mexico Fair.

Álvaro García-Maltrás, general manager for Latin America and the Caribbean of this company, highlighted that Mexico has one of the greatest growth potentials in the region, both in large projects and in distributed generation to the residential and commercial segments.

Trina Solar Limited actively collaborates in the development of the Mexican photovoltaic market, adapting the actions that have proved successful in other more mature markets, to local conditions and developing new business models, he said.

For this reason, García-Maltrás anticipated that Mexico will become the main photovoltaic market of Latin American countries in the next five years.

In an interview, he pointed out that Solar Power México will show the benefits of its Duomax Twin modules and its TrinaPro intelligent solution in this, which is the first international event specialized in solar energy that is carried out in the country.

Trina Solar has established efficiency records in solar cells, in fact, since 2011, it has broken the world record of efficiency 16 times, improving on several occasions its own previous record.

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Feria Solar Power Mexico detonará adopción de energía fotovoltaica en el país.
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