Hong Kong opens its arms to Mexican companies


Hong Kong wishes to invite the agro-industrial and beverage sectors of Mexico to export their products to that region.

Seven Mexican companies from the transportation and professional services sectors, such as merchandise inspection, as well as craft breweries and sportswear, are in the process of settling in Hong Kong, which is currently seeking rapprochement with investors in Mexico.

Of those companies, three would enter that market for the same year, said Víctor Aguilar, principal consultant of Invest HK, the department of the government of Hong Kong responsible for foreign direct investment.

Currently there are 35 Mexican companies from various sectors already established, where there are also 400 compatriots living.

“Latin American companies are very strong in sectors such as infrastructure, natural products, professional and banking services, but also in restaurants and hospitality.

“Last year we received more than 65 million visitors, which is nine times more than our population, so we need a lot of food and drinks to cater to tourists,” said Jimmy Chiang, deputy general manager of Invest HK, at a media meeting. prior to the seminar “Hong Kong: Mexico operations hub for Asia-Pacific”.

Therefore, there are also talks with Mexican companies from the agroindustrial sector and drinks such as mezcal and tequila.

For his part, Fernando Ruiz, general director of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade (Comce), said that the Mexican market should diversify, since an important part of the country’s commercial relationship is with the United States.

“It is obvious the need to diversify and turn to the countries of Asia, where the greatest growth comes from. One of the doors to enter Asia is Hong Kong and we have to take advantage of that opportunity, “said Ruiz Huarte.

Source: Forbes

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