Pueblo Magico program for Sinaloa will continue


There are four towns with this distinctive; communities full of history, traditions, beautiful wild places, and friendly locals.

Mazatlan , Sinaloa.- The Magic Towns program, consisting of 121 locations, will remain in force despite not being included in the Expenditures Budget of the 2019 Federation.

The Federal Tourism Secretariat confirmed that Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos program will continue in this six-year term, and will also support the states in obtaining loans through the development bank, which will be redirected to this initiative.

With the decision of the federation not to label money to said program, uncertainty arose and there was even talk that the Magic Towns were at risk when practically disappearing the brand that 121 municipalities of the country have, of which four belong to Sinaloa .

Do not Die Magic Towns Program for Sinaloa.

With the development of the Mayan Train, the Sectur obtained an increase of 124% in the budget for this year, in comparison with that assigned in 2018, which was 568 million pesos.

The project will have in only 12 months the same amount of money that the Pueblos Mágicos program received in 17 years, since 2001, through the Sectur and local governments.

Sinaloa has four towns that have been named Magical Towns, due to its cultural, historical and artistic heritage, which preserves the traditions and, at the same time, integrates perfectly with the natural environment.

The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Oscar Pérez Barros, said that this program will continue and even resources for Prodermágico come within the participations and work with them to continue promoting them.

“We have always commented on the Magic Towns, it is a commitment of the governor that they are the complements of the great tourist destinations, we will continue investing and we will continue working hand in hand with them,” he said.

For his part, the mayor of Rosario, Manuel Antonio Pineda Dominguez, clarified that the resources will be allocated to state governments and from there to the corresponding towns.

He argued that the only requirement will be that the magical towns comply with the guidelines that at the federal level are required, to continue accessing those resources, that is why the municipal government will continue with a plan of works and improvement of the urban image of the municipality, as well as new spaces for locals and tourists.

The state of Sinaloa has considerably expanded its offer for visitors. To the places of greater tourist tradition as Mazatlán, Culiacán and Nuevo Altata, several towns have been united that have managed to recover their image thanks to programs of improvement of services and urban infrastructure.

They are places that can be visited alone or in family, because there will always be activities for everyone; from sports hunting, to participation in the activities of traditional celebrations, such as parties in honor of San José or the Virgen del Rosario, including the Candle Festival and the Ulama game, among others, such as dances, songs and dances that have contributed to these people being among the main options for travelers and tourists, who want to get in touch with the true Mexican spirit.

The charm of the villages of Cosalá, El Fuerte, El Rosario and Mocorito, year after year captivates visitors, both national and foreign, who immerse themselves in its mining history, its tropical climate, its old churches and ghostly legends.

Rock paintings, multicolored festivities, mysterious buildings, indigenous traditions and outstanding gastronomy are just part of what makes these four towns true tourist gems.

The president of the Magic Town Committee El Rosario, María Alicia Valdez Medina, said that this achievement brought multiple benefits for the city, one of the main tourist potentialization required by the municipality, an activity that leaves important economic impact.

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“We have been walking slowly but with a lot of progress, we have advanced a lot, at least we are more aware that we are Magic Town, that we already have the badge,” he explained.


The city of Cosalá, Magical Town since 2005, is faithful evidence of this fact, due to its composition. The lucky travelers will have the privilege of seeing a beautiful city surrounded by an imposing hill, belonging to the Great Sierra Madre, as well as a series of natural landscapes that will leave them in awe.

To this imposing nature are added the vestiges of a very rich architectural past, so they will be in the presence of a people that perfectly combines the relationship between man and nature.

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One of the main attractions of the celebration is the Gastronomic Exhibit, which serves as a showcase to the typical delicacies of the region. For its great tradition of working with sugar mills, in addition to its centennial history, since it has buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, such as the Chapel of Guadalupe, formerly the church of San Francisco Javier, the Parish of Santa Úrsula, the Jesuit Convent and the Federal Palace House, all worth visiting.



El Fuerte was awarded the Magic Town label in 2009. Marvel at this strength of history, architecture and nature. Enjoy a beautiful afternoon at the Plaza de Armas, do not forget to admire its wrought iron kiosk.

Enter the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, do not forget to visit the mural of the Municipal Palace, which tells the story and founding of this beautiful place. Enjoy a walk along the river, where you can admire the nature and the different species of birds that inhabit the place.

Climb the Hill of the mask and you will find an Archaeological Zone that includes about 300 glyphs with symbols of their mythologies.

In this place you can find the mysteries of the Yoreme culture, its traditions and dances.


The Rosario, Magical Town named in 2012, is a destination full of culture, tradition and history, where you can admire its architecture, visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, you will be surprised with its impressive altar bathed in gold; the Spanish pantheon, construction of neoclassic style and built in 1823.

Be immersed in their culture, visit the Lola Beltrán museum, where you can appreciate photographs and costumes of important moments of your life. It also has a large architectural heritage composed of buildings of colonial, baroque, neoclassical and austere vernacular.


In 2015, Mocorito obtained the Magic Town label. In his case the nature present in this environment is perfectly condensed with the mysticism that surrounds the city, provided by the multiple legends of spirits and souls that suffer in the streets, as well as the appearances of men converted into animals.

It is called La Atenas de Sinaloa. Just enough to see the beauty of its streets, flanked by old mansions of neoclassical style. Likewise, nature extends its domain in the form of thermal waters that are a delight of relaxation for visitors; it is one of its most outstanding tourist attractions.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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