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Mazatlan port movement decline due to teacher union blockades in Michoacán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Dockworkers in Mazatlan recorded a decrease in cargo handling due to blockages of the railway in Michoacan; Víctor Reyes said.

The leader of the Union of Dockworkers of Mazatlan, said facing a critical situation, as many products are being held in the state of Mexico.

He explained that in the last weeks the occupation of the stevedores has dropped from 100 to 40%; The movement of vehicles and containers is what keeps the activity.

He pointed out that workers to survive this slump are looking for extra income, some leaning on loans and credits.

He indicated that at the moment they are only carrying out maneuvers with merchandise arriving in containers and movement of vehicles, by lines such as Mitsubishi, Ford and Nissan, which continue to transport their units although they have also been affected by the blockade.

“We are still working, the containers are arriving at a very low percentage, we are receiving the load through the trailers, but customers almost always prefer to transport their merchandise along the railways, as it is a cheaper means of transport than the load by trailer, that has stopped the steel, “he said.

The stevedore leader pointed out that although January was an excellent month in terms of work, February has remained very low in the handling of goods, only what keeps the dock active at this time is the transportation of vehicles.

CNTE Blockages in Michoacán generated losses of over four billion pesos in 28 days

The steel, automotive, auto parts and agriculture were the most affected by the 28 days of locks on the railways of Michoacan, Mazatlan joined this lack of activity with the port of Lazaro Cardenas, delays in deliveries and expenses for alternative transport, to move supplies through alternate routes, land or air, or divert loads to the port of Manzanillo.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan, Dineroenimagen

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