AMLO will present on Sunday the National Tourism Plan in Chetumal


The President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will visit the state capital, Chetumal next Sunday, February 24, where he will present the National Tourism Plan.

“Our president, who has great affection for our State, will arrive in Chetumal on Sunday and will meet with his people in the esplanade of the Municipal Palace, accompanied by the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués and the Secretary of the Environment, Josefa González Blanco Ortíz “, informed the Senator for Quintana Roo of the MORENA party, Marybel Villegas Canché.

In a statement the federal legislator said that the president will present the Tourism Plan that will be in force during his government a fundamental sector for Quintana Roo and for the country, as our State is in the main generators of foreign currency, reaffirming its commitment to campaign bring the Secretary of Tourism for the Quintana Roo. ” ( Next Secretary of Tourism affirms to be ready to move to Chetumal ).

“We know that in recent months the hotel occupancy has declined mainly in the Northern Zone, so the visit of our president is essential to regain the confidence of all citizens and remind them that the fourth transformation will always help to those who have less, “he explained.

Villegas Canché said that after the event, the president will visit the capital for a few hours, since he is very aware of the commitments he made with Quintana Roo and the Quintana Roo people.

It is expected that the first president and Miguel Torruco refer to the announced change of the Secretary of Tourism to Chetumal, as it was a campaign promise, framed within the federal government’s decentralization plans. ( Torruco reiterates commitment to move the Sectur to Chetumal ).

It is also expected to make important announcements about the Mayan Train and the presidential visit becomes more relevant due to the participation of the head of the Ministry of the Environment, Josefa González Blanco Ortíz, since indigenous sectors, academics and citizens have indicated that the mentioned The project does not have studies on Environmental Impact Manifestation.

Source: Nitu

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