Mazatlan Institute of Culture under Investigation


The city prosecutor will audit the finances of the Institute of Culture for excessive spending on puppets.

Mazatlan, Sin. The Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlan is under the magnifying glass of the procurator, Elsa Isela Bojórquez Mascareño, since yesterday.

This due to the excessive expense that was made in the elaboration of Carnival puppetswith a value of 60 thousand pesos each, 40 thousand pesos more than those made in 2018.

If you are going to do an investigation about it, today we start turning documents for that investigation. Bojarquez Mascareño

In addition to turning instructions for the start of the investigation, Bojarquez Mascareño announced that the paramunicipal bonds will also be subject to an audit next Monday, to rule out any diversion of resources, in order to have a resolution before Carnival.

However, he said that although the Internal Control Body of the investigation was notified to give the respective follow-up, the audit will be done on its own, given the distrust that exists in the current internal comptroller, Rafael Padilla Díaz.

I asked the Internal Control Body to investigate, but we are going to do the audit because there is someone, someone from the other government also stayed, then there is no confidence (…) right now we are finishing some, from other offices for other cases , we hope that on Monday we will start (…) before Carnival, in one week we will finish. Bojarquez Mascareño

According to a survey conducted by El Sol de Mazatlan on its website, 13 percent of respondents consider that the puppets are striking; 66 percent that are ugly; and, at 21 it does not interest him, what speaks of the controversy that unleashed the carnival “sculptures”.

Likewise, he explained that a second investigation will be made due to the eviction of students and teachers of the Theater, since last February 10, in response to the complaint filed by those affected.

There are two cases there, it is that of the monkeys and that of the mistreatment that the theater teachers received, they went and denounced, then that will also be reviewed. Bojarquez Mascareño

The foregoing in order to verify what happened and if applicable, apply the law if there is evidence of faults or damages to the public treasury.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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