Mazatlan Carnival Monigotes cost 60 thousand pesos each, 300% more expensive than those of 2018


Óscar Blancarte, the director of Culture, points out that the designs are novel, something different that Mazatlan can enjoy during Carnival festivities.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The so criticized monigotes that were put to precede the International Carnival of Mazatlan 2019 were made by a company from Mexico City and cost 60 thousand pesos each, 300% more expensive than last year under the hand of maestro Jorge González Neri.

“I like monigotes, that’s why we send them to design like this, we accept the design, it’s something new, it’s something different, they criticized a lot of the past years of why they were always the same, so we tried to do something different.” Oscar Blancarte, General Director of the Institute of Culture of Mazatlan, said when he was approached at the end of the press conference De Cara al Pueblo this Tuesday.

That was for each of those that are distributed on the boardwalk, while those that will be installed around the squares cost 7 thousand each. According to the official, the reason for the costs is the little time that was given to them.

Regarding the issue of the protesters of the theater area of ​​the Municipal Arts Center, he said that he spoke with Ramón Gómez Polo so that he could send his demands in writing to Mr. Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and indicated that he did not know the nature of their claims

Regarding the turbulence that is rumored there is within the Cultural Institute of Mazatlan, he said that he and the mayor are the ones who make the important decisions. He stated that he is still adapting to the work environment in the paramunicipal and hopes to take time to see how things progress, being the next book fair, the Spring Season and other projects a priority for him.


Tickets for the tickets to the elections of the Carnival Queens in the Multiple Use Center, will be delivered free of charge and can be obtained through a dynamic made by Cultura Tv on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

He said that this year will also be placed on the jetty for families to enjoy the Carnival parades and that the lights that decorate the party areas will be installed next week

He reported that for the Mazatlan Prize for Literature and the Isaura Poetry Clemency Prize, a couple of juries experts in literature and of high moral quality will come to decide who are the winners. 

They are looking at whether the Autonomous University of Sinaloa collaborates with the economic prizes of the Mazatlan Prize for Literature and that it is contacted with the University of the West to see if they can deliver the Isaia Poetry Clemency Award. 

For the burning of the bad mood, said that the public is who will decide the character that will end at the stake “Peña Nieto is winning” and behind him, accepted that the former president Fernando Pucheta Sánchez, is who follows him closely.

Source: El debate

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