Mexican Taliban behind the attack on San Luis Potosi Congressman


The split of ” Los Zetas ” known as ” The Taliban ”, would be responsible for the attack on the deputy Pedro César Carrizales ” El Mijis ” , besides being infiltrated in the police of San Luis Potosí. 

The name of ” The Taliban ” is attributed to Iván Velázquez Caballero, “El Talibán” or “El Z-50”, arrested in 2012 and extradited to the United States, where he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for various charges related to drug dealing.

A couple of weeks ago, the local deputy for San Luis Potosí “El Mijis”, was attacked with bullets when he was driving in his vehicle.

Disparan contra el vehículo del diputado local Pedro Carrizales, El Mijis, en SLP

According to the authorities, one of the lines of investigation is that the attack was ordered by “The Taliban” in retaliation for the initiative to ban bullfighting and cockfighting.

The proposal of ” El Mijis ” would imply an impact on the palenques, which in some areas of San Luis Potosí operate under the control and extortion of criminal groups.

The State Secretary of Public Safety, Jaime Pineda Arteaga, acknowledged a few days ago that the mayors of Ciudad del Maiz, El Naranjo, and Cardenas hired as members of the “Taliban” police officers.

The mayors have refused to reveal the number of elements of this group, said Pineda Arteaga.

“The Taliban”, originally from Tamaulipas, managed to infiltrate the State Police during the management of Arturo Gutiérrez García as Secretary of Security.

The group was dissolved after the resignation of the command in November 2017, however, the elements were rehired by some mayors.

Source: animalpolitico, laverdadnoticias

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