User accuses Banamex of emptying his account and organizes national complaint movement


A businessman originally from Saltillo decided to denounce Banamex, since this banking institution stripped him of a significant amount of money through ‘ghost payments’ . Now, he is forming a society to continue pointing out the abuses committed by this bank.

Arnoldo Gutiérrez, who is dedicated to managing a franchise operator, decided at the end of 2017 to keep an amount of money to meet the expenses of the month of December, as payment of salaries, bonuses and other benefits for their employees.

However, he discovered that 194 thousand pesos were missing, which were withdrawn through 3 checks that the Saltillense did not turn, and that were collected in the State of Mexico. Because of that, he filed a complaint with the bank; however, no one received the document, so their claim was declared unfair.

Therefore, it decided to file a commercial complaint against Banamex. In addition, he created the website, in which he is collecting the negative experiences of other users of this bank, which had one million 93 thousand complaints in 2017 and more than 600 thousand in the first three months of 2018, of agreement with the Condusef.

Therefore, Gutiérrez is forming an association, whose objective is to go to the Congress of the Union and the financial authorities of the country to promote Banamex is disaffiliated from the banking system , since it has a scandalous number of complaints against him.

Source:, Sin Embargo .

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