Mazatlan secret tunnels of the Malecón


There are 5 tunnels that pass under the Mazatlán pier to cross directly to the beach, 2 of them are private condo buildings, 2 of them are in hotels and the other one is in oblivion.

The Malecón de Mazatlán is a main street of the city and although it has no pedestrian bridges if it has a tunnel that is always open but is forgotten.

Tunnel of the Hotel De Cima

The most popular is the one that is in the Hotel De Cima and that when crossing below the boardwalk it takes you to its beach club or to the restaurant La Corriente.

This tunnel is decorated with marine motifs and in its widest part it is used to store some chairs of the place. It is not always open but during the activities of the restaurant you can use it to cross without worrying about the traffic that crosses over the top.

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The hotel Hacienda tunnel.

This tunnel we thought was closed but it is not like that, it is open but since you get close to it you get to perceive a foul odor to be used as a bathroom. On the other side of the tunnel you can also directly reach a restaurant on the north beach. It looks dark and quite careless.

I remember this tunnel about 20 years ago if it was used to cross and had a grate on each side that did not allow access to it during the night.  

Hotel Coral Island Tunnel

To cross from the Coral Island Hotel to the Beach there is also a tunnel for exclusive use for its guests and they can reach the beach safely below the Malecon

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The private tunnels of the boardwalk

Although we can only see the accesses to the beach and we do not know if they are really used, there are the Gavias tunnels and the Bosanova tower. These are closed and have access to people who live in these condominium towers in Mazatlan.

Did you know about the existence of these tunnels in Mazatlan?

Have you used these tunnels that are located on the Malecón de Mazatlán? When I was a child I came to cross the tunnel that is next to the hacienda hotel and the hotel that crosses the stream makes me a great idea that it has been kept in good condition as well as being decorated. There are many things in Mazatlan that are well done and last for years, it’s just a matter of keeping them in good condition.


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