The best 3 years of Mocorito are coming, says Mayor Galindo


The mayor believes that in these first 100 days of his administration they see sound finances and consolidation of tourism

Mocorito, Sin.- After the first 100 days of his second administration as mayor of Mocorito, Jesús Guillermo Galindo Castro considered that there are elements to ensure that the best 3 years have come for this municipality and for the time being, healthy finances and a healthy consolidation in tourism.

He said that in these first 100 days, they have seen how the weekends in Mocorito the visits have rebounded in an important way and it is an aspect that will have to grow in these three years and for the time being they have just presented 5 tourism projects to reinforce it.

“That in these first 100 days we have achieved very important things, that the theme of tourism in Mocorito is already a reality and without doing great works, but with a lot of creativity, a lot of innovation, conquering the people who visit us”.

Galindo Castro considered that having cleaned up the finances is another aspect that gives great solidity to the administration because the salaries of the workers have not been delayed and there is the solvency to overcome the unforeseen situations with greater possibilities of success.

“If even when I received large amounts of debt and we managed to get all this out, now that we are better, this is going to give a solidity to the public administration.”

In financial matters, he also stressed that scholarships are maintained for students at the basic level who are paid with 100 percent of the municipality’s resources.

He added that he has worked intensively on the rehabilitation of rural roads and it is something that all the inhabitants of Mocorito can notice.

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