Sinaloa will promote surfing on the beaches of Elota and San Ignacio


The secretary of Tourism of the State, Óscar Pérez Barros, the mayor of Elota, Geovani Escobar and the municipal president of San Ignacio, Iván Baez, toured the beaches of Rosendo Nieblas and El Patole.

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Elota, Sinaloa.- Convinced that the beaches of Elota and San Ignacio are the great complements of Mazatlan to detonate tourism, the Secretary of Tourism of the State, Óscar Pérez Barros, indicated that they will seek to promote surfing on these coasts, as it is a activity that is already done, but it is required to promote.

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Pérez Barros referred to the beach of Rosendo Nieblas located in Elota and El Patole in San Ignacio, as one of the best in Sinaloa, hence the importance of highlighting this water sport, announcing that between the months of July and August it will take an international surfing tournament is held on this coast, where the best surfers from all over the world will attend.

“We are looking to make an international surf tournament, between July and August, the project is already to detonate this area, tourism investments come and come from the best surfers around the world … we will demonstrate the quality we have.”

“We are convinced that the beaches of Elota and San Ignacio are the great complements of Mazatlan, the tourist offer is wide for those who visit Mazatlan, this is what tourism wants,” he said.

For his part, the municipal president of Elota, Angel Geovani Escobar Manjarrez, thanked the support that the governor of the State, Quirino Ordaz Coppel has given to the municipality, especially in the field of tourism through the Sectur.

He pointed out that projecting and promoting the municipality of Elota is very important, since it means more development, better economy and more jobs.

“We are going to project, promote these areas, for us it is very important as a government and as a municipality, that is why we are very happy to have them here in the beautiful municipality of Elota, these visits from the secretary show that he likes Elota, wants Elota … We are very grateful to the Governor of the State for the support he has given us, especially to continue promoting tourism, “he said.

The first mayor of San Ignacio, Iván Baez, said he had the willingness to work as a team and carry out work on tourism that highlights both municipalities.

Feliciano Altamirano, president of the Surfing Association of the State of Sinaloa, said that the region has the capacity to hold major events, which will be carried out with the support of the governor and the mayors of Elota and San Ignacio, as he stressed that for many years there had been no government support for these activities, in the way that current administrations are doing.

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