Sinaloa close more than 150 daycares for lack of funds


The federal deputy of the PRI, Erika Sánchez Martínez, explained that of the 300 nurseries of the Sedesol that operate in Sinaloa they will have to close half.

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- While the federal Sinaloa of Morena , Merary Villegas stressed that the children’s rooms had become a real business, the legislator of the PR I, Erika Sanchez warned that they will be 150 nurseries of Sedesol in Sinaloa that will close for lack of budget.

The federal deputies of Sinaloa asked the parents of the state that have their children in children’s rooms be quiet because they will legislate to ensure that this service continues.

Villegas Sanchez said that the stays of the Sedesol were the least supervised in the country, where parents had to pay a fee.

However, he said that this program will not disappear, but that the operating rules will change and now it will be the parents who will receive the money directly and decide if they pay a daycare or a family member to take care of their children.

I the only thing I can say to the mothers and fathers that are calm, we are working to guarantee them to continue this service to their children, that the budget is there, that they will defend them and they are reviewing the rules of operation by the federal government.

Legislator of the PRI, Erika Sánchez.

For its part, the federal deputy of the PRI, Erika Sanchez Martinez, explained that of the 300 nurseries of the Sedesol that operate in Sinaloa will have to close half because the budget for this federal program was reduced by up to 50 percent.

Sánchez Martínez criticized that the decision to suspend support for child stays because there was corruption in the operation of these spaces has been one of the easiest ways out of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since in any case it should be exposed cases, sanction them but not close the program.

I indicate that it is necessary to see what will be the alternatives that will be offered to all mothers who will be left without the provision of this service because they will begin to see cases in the society of children chained in their homes and that his parents are not going to stop going to work.

The PRI deputy recalled that children’s stays is the most successful social programs executed by a federal government, hence in the past administration had a growth of up to 300 percent, to reach 4 billion pesos.

“This program, like many others, this government is dealing with occurrences because first comes the chairman of the Budget Committee of the Chamber Alfonso Ramírez Cuellar who states that there is a brake on the resources of the rooms because it was going to create a model, but that was the first output of Morena. The next day the Secretary of the Treasury leaves to say that now the grandparents are taking care of them and then the President of the Republic leaves, who says that they will be the parents of the family who will be given a bi-monthly support of 1,600 million pesos ” , He said.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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