Mazatlan: Grupo Arhe and Grupo Posadas start building Fiesta Inn and ONE Hotels


MAZATLÁN.- It was taking a long time to come and invest in Mazatlan, the Governor and the Mayor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel and Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, agreed, welcoming the laying of the first stone of the Fiesta Inn and ONE hotels, which Grupo ArHe and Grupo Posadas undertook this day.

Inicia la construcción de dos hoteles en Mazatlán

The Governor stressed that these new investments are derived from the success of the Tourism Tianguis last year, which marked a before and after for Mazatlan, and which now positions the port to compete with the best tourist destinations in Mexico, as well as others. from abroad.

“To Mazatlan, nobody is going to stop it,” he warned.

Juan José Arellano Hernández, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo ArHe, stressed that with the construction of these two hotels, he demonstrates the trust that exists in the municipal, state and federal authorities.

He added that after a few months of negotiations, an agreement was reached between Grupo Posadas and Grupo ArHe that seeks to consolidate Mazatlan as a tourist destination par excellence, increasing occupancy rates substantially and attracting more tourists from both nations and abroad.

The foregoing, he continued, through two Businnes Class hotels and a shopping plaza that will serve restaurants in the area, with an investment of approximately 650 million pesos and a generation of 600 sources of employment, as our Group responds to the citizenship and the State Government and Mazatlan. “

Arellano Hernández said that through these synergies with groups that bet on our destiny, they will have to capitalize efficiently the investments of the three levels of government for the development of our city.

He commented that Grupo Posadas sees the dream of Grupo Arhe, turning Mazatlan into the tourist heart of Mexico.

The president of the ArHe Group said that there is a governor from Mazatlan that generates the confidence to continue forward in this adventure and a mayor who looks for the best for citizenship and convinced that with teamwork he will be able to face all the challenges that come to us

For his part, Benítez Torres stressed that Mazatlan is being observed by the tourist world thanks to the Governor who is now bringing the moment for Mazatlan.

Before dozens of people, businessmen, investors and officials, the mayor stressed that his commitment as soon as he came to administer the city, is to detonate to Mazatlan as never in his history and return to Mazatlan to his course that he should never have lost.

Before the businessmen, he said that “they are taking time to come to Mazatlan, we are waiting for them with open arms, here they will only find cordiality, familiarity and facilities to detonate the great projects”.

While José Carlos Azcárraga Andrade, president of the Posadas Group, he recalled that Fiesta Inn was already present in Mazatlán, but for more than a decade he closed his hotel.

However, now thanks to the facilities of the State Government and the City Council, and in alliance with the local Arhe Group, they decided to return to build a tourist complex, with 268 rooms, 142 of the Fiesta Inn and 126 of the ONE, as well as a square commercial with restaurants and diverse commercial establishments.

“We are going to put our sand, our bit of sand to be able to promote growth and support for everything that Mazatlan requires and can be.”

He acknowledged that this has been possible thanks to the confidence that Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel generated for them.

“Mazatlan will once again be what it should never have been,” he said.

Then, they proceeded to put the first stone, which starts the construction of these two hotels.

Hotel businessmen were present, the president of the state DIF, Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz; and the State Tourism Secretary, Óscar Pérez Barros, as well as other hotel and tourist services entrepreneurs who went to the place where the hotels will be built, on the Camarón Sábalo Avenue, in the heart of the Golden Zone.

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