Durango restaurant association “CANIRAC” joins campaing #NiUnaMenos


Restaurants may serve as a shelter to help women and men who feel threatened or in a situation at risk in the street

The restaurants and hotels of the capital city are added to the national campaign promoted by the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods (CANIRAC): You can trust us if you feel threatened or at risk . You are not alone. #Not one less.

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Interviewed by this morning because of the incidence of insecurity, aggression and violence that is lived in Durango, despite the statements in another sense by the official party, this campaign has been accepted in several cities and entities of the country as a resource of support and social solidarity for those who feel they are being persecuted or are at risk in the streets.

However, it is not about being “heroes or vigilantes”, declared Jorge Muñoz Guerrero president of Canirac Durango, but about offering the establishments as a place of protection to the person at risk while the public order authority attends the situation or responds to the call for help.

He said that it is necessary to design a protocol to respond to this type of situation, which is why coordination and rapprochement with public institutions of municipal and state security is required.

“At the moment 50 partners raised their hands to enter this campaign and create a well-structured program that does not put at risk the physical integrity of diners or staff, because it is not that there is danger to us but to provide shelter, reassure to the person, to offer the call to the authority and that it is the one that is in charge of the own thing in the sense of preventing or persecuting the criminal acts in its different modalities “, mentioned Muñoz Guerrero.

For his part, Francisco Martinez Diaz de Leon, president of the Association of Hotels said that once the issue is exposed to 30 members of this body, in the present week or next will seek an audience with the state prosecutor Ruth Medina, to expose the issue and create a pertinent and effective coordination with the authority in case it is required for the subject in question.

“In the reception of the hotels there are video surveillance cameras, this can be useful for an aggressor or assailant to inhibit committing the act, although we must clarify that we will not act in the role that corresponds to the police and we must also leave in clear that any type of aggression, violence or other acts that could be linked to the crime, we have to be certain that we will be exempt from any responsibility, “he said.

The intention and common goal is to provide support to both women and men who feel they are being persecuted to assault or physically or sexually assaulted, not so that these places, by their owners, nobly offer their facilities, not as “trenches” or “trenches”. , but of shelter, insisted before a situation of risk, common already by the streets of Durango.

It is worth mentioning that the restaurants that participate in this campaign will place a distinctive emblem once the protocol and coordination with the authorities is defined, in the same way for the hotels that decide to participate.

Source: El Sol de Durango

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