Low temperatures bring more Canadian and American tourists to Mazatlan


The influx favors the hotel, restaurant and commercial sectors, but directly to Atamsa, which has the fleet of units working at 100 percent.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The low temperatures registered in the United States and Canada favor this beach destination, assured Tourism Secretary Óscar Pérez Barros.

The increase in international flights and weather conditions make Mazatlan more attractive as a destination for groups that stay one or two weeks, especially a younger age group.

While retired older adults stay much of the winter in the port, the official added.

100 percent

The Autotransport leader of the Mazatlán Airport (Atamsa), Jesús Román Aguayo Hernández, highlighted that the high season began at the beginning of this year.

From being at 40 to 50 percent in 2018, with the arrival of foreign tourists, carriers are working at 100 percent capacity.

The whole flotilla is working, which favors all employees, their families and the economy of the city.

Sub-zero temperatures and snowfall in the United States and Canada cause flights to be delayed, arrive late, and even, one or two days later than expected. But, tourism continues to flow.

Aguayo Hernández trusts that the high season will continue until March or the first half of April, as has been the case in other years.


The Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa stressed that the visitor likes Mazatlan for its climate, its beach and historic center.

In addition, it is tourism that comes to rest and enjoy nature. They travel all corners of the beach destination, but also enjoy going to the surrounding villages and its cuisine.

Source: El Debate

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