Complaints against tourism services exceed those of CFE


Profeco says it receives an average of 30 complaints of purchases and contracts made over the internet. 

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Frauds are detected in many of the purchases that young people and adults make online, said Miguel Ángel Murillo Sánchez, delegate of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.


He added that they hire tourist services where they offer up to five stars but it turns out that when they arrive they discover that it is not even one. But, there are cases in which they do not even reach an airport or take a flight because the travel package was fraudulent from the beginning.

This type of complaints have out numbered those of the Federal Electricity Commission, which for years were the first. Currently, online purchases include package reservations for travel, followed by the purchase of electronic devices.

Also, games and devices that young people buy. On average, about 25 to 30 cases are attended each month and about half of them are reconciled , but many are also ghost companies and nothing can be done.

The delegate of the Profeco accepted that they have to modernize to address this type of complaints to the ultimate consequences. 


The official made a call to the population so that before you make a purchase, verify that it is a real company.

Even to do it online there are sites that are safe and others that are obviously appreciated as ghosts.

Those who shop online the most are young people and it’s good, but make sure where they do it to avoid a later problem.


Of all the complaints they receive about tourist services, they come from all over the state, but they predominate in Mazatlan and the capital of the state, since they are the sites most visited by national and foreign tourists.

Murillo Sánchez insisted on inviting citizens and tourists to submit their complaint when an abuse occurs.

When you make purchases directly in from a business, you must review the merchandise, the note or invoice, the prices and the terms that have to make a claim if there are failures. All this will make things easier.

Source: El Debate

The Mazatlan Post