February Festivals and Events across Mexico


The best events in 2019, Mexican Fiestas, Carnivals, Festivities, Fairs, Exhibitions, Cultural Events, Festivities and Traditional Festivals of all Mexico.

Leon Fair

Leon Fair 2019

Lion11 JAN 2019Friday
  05 FEB 2019Tuesday
The most popular party this year has a special program prepared in the palenque and theater. Further…

Tenosique Carnival

Carnival Tenosique 2019

Tenosique19 JAN 2019Saturday
  05 FEB 2019Tuesday
The rarest carnival in the world, where hundreds of people and children are covered in flour, eggs and …

Fiesta de la Candelaria

Feast of the Candlemas 2019

Tlacotalpan30 JAN 2019Wednesday
  09 FEB 2019Saturday
Centennial party where the Virgin of La Candelaria walks on the Papaloapan River to thank the …

Sayulita Festival

Sayulita Festival 2019

Sayulita30 JAN 2019Wednesday
  03 FEB 2019Sunday
The so-called hippie chic town will be filled with festivities for four days, with music, movies, food and …

Veneration of the Child

Veneration of the Child 2019

Mexico City02 FEB 2019Saturday
This tradition has lasted more than 430 years in Xochimilco. Thousands of faithful come year after year in …

The Legs Break

The Legs Break 2019

Bernal1st Weekend of FebruaryDare to be part of the cycling route in the Sierra Gorda Queretána, to reach the goal …

Zona Maco

Zona Maco 2019

Mexico City06 FEB 2019Wednesday
  10 FEB 2019Sunday
It is considered one of the most important Contemporary Art Fair in Latin America, with the participation of …

Carnival of Bahidorá

Carnival of Bahidorá 2019

Tlaltizapán15 FEB 2019Friday
  17 FEB 2019Sunday
It is an indie music festival that brings together artists from around the world. In a single scenario …

Carnival Campeche

Campeche Carnival 2019

Campeche21 FEB 2019Thursday
  05 MZO 2019Tuesday
The capital is dressed in lights in the style of Las Vegas with a colorful parade with traditional …

Mining Palace International Book Fair

International Book Fair of the Palace of Mining 2019

Mexico City21 FEB 2019Thursday
  04 MZO 2019Monday
It will have around 600 publishers and media professionals, who will share the latest news from the …

San Pancho Music Festival

San Pancho Music Festival 2019

San Francisco (San Pancho)22 FEB 2019Friday
  24 FEB 2019Sunday
Today it is one of the most popular musical events in the region, with more than 25 …

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival 2019

Mexico City23 FEB 2019Saturday
  24 FEB 2019Sunday
Live the most important electronic party of the year, with the participation of the best DJs, more than a hundred …

Mexican Tennis Open Acapulco

Mexican Tennis Open Acapulco 2019

Acapulco25 FEB 2019Monday
  02 MZO 2019Saturday
The most important tennis tournament in the country, this year brings us as always the best …

Veracruz Carnival

Carnival Veracruz 2019

Veracruz27 FEB 2019Wednesday
  05 MZO 2019Tuesday
The oldest carnival celebrates more than 90 years and has prepared a very special show; full parades …

Carnival Merida

Carnival Merida 2019

Merida27 FEB 2019Wednesday
  06 MZO 2019Wednesday
The Carnival of Mérida is of great call in the region, because it is a festivity that traces its …

Carnival of Cozumel

Carnival of Cozumel 2019

Cozumel27 FEB 2019Wednesday
  06 MZO 2019Wednesday
Tradition that turns Cozumel into days of intense fun, joy and fantasy, all framed by the magnificent …

Carnival Ensenada

Carnival Ensenada 2019

Cove28 FEB 2019Thursday
  05 MZO 2019Tuesday
Centennial tradition among the inhabitants of the port and among the many visitors who attend this year …

Carnival La Paz

Carnival La Paz 2019

Peace28 FEB 2019Thursday
  05 MZO 2019Tuesday
Celebration that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century, with joyous comparsas and allegorical cars …

Carnival Manzanillo

Carnival Manzanillo 2019

Manzanillo28 FEB 2019Thursday
  03 MZO 2019Sunday
Big groups and allegorical cars go through the main streets in this colorful party. The allegorical journey is from …

Carnival Guaymas

Carnival Guaymas 2019

Guaymas28 FEB 2019Thursday
  05 MZO 2019Tuesday
This festivity is the maximum expression of joy and color in the port ….

Mazatlan carnival

Carnival of Mazatlan 2019

Mazatlan28 FEB 2019Thursday
  05 MZO 2019Tuesday
One of the most famous parties in the world with cars, music and beauty queens parading …

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