Sinaloa reluctant to implement Mexican federal law that mandates equal marriage rights


‘The law should not be an obstacle for people to be happy’

José Antonio Serna pointed out that the fact that equal marriage is legislated at the Republic level and that Sinaloa remains reluctant, is a reflection of discrimination

Mexico changed the definition of marriage in the city’s Civil Code to “a free union between two people”. It also granted same-sex couples the right to adopt children. In February 2010, the Supreme Court rejected constitutional challenges by six states to the Mexico City law.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – At a national level it is discriminatory not to contemplate in the family and civil codes the marriage between people of the LGBT community, since the right must provide what is necessary for the citizen to be happy in society, said José Antonio Serna Valdés.

The president of the Bar Association Marco Antonio Arroyo Cambero AC said that Sinaloa is a state that is in an old stage in terms of rights; Couples should not need another authority to authorize them to marry in their state or any part of the country.

“The right should not be an obstacle for people to be happy, the right must give all the guarantees and formalities so that the man in society can be happy, regulating their situation and legalizing them.”

He pointed out that it is the obligation of the State Congress to modify these laws that for a long time has been an issue that has been discussed and that also affects a large percentage of the population.

He stated that people should not have to go through a different process from others, nor need another authority to scold the state and that only through a sentence can be carried out.

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