Mazatlan: Taxi unions refuse to resolve conflict


The problem among carriers has been prolonged due to the lack of disposition of those involved.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The problem between Atamsa and the taxi unions must be resolved through dialogue, said José Vallejo, delegate of Roads and Transportation. 

He commented that the lack of will of those involved has generated a conflict that has dragged on for almost 25 years and that in 2018 resurfaced because Atamsa wants to offer the transport service from the city to the airport after the year of 2009, the company had given up offering the transport service from Mazatlan to the International Airport when signing an agreement.  


He commented that the use of public force to seek a solution to this problem is exaggerated, since, he assures, the recourse of dialogue has to be exhausted, and if in any case it has to be exhausted, there would be no other option than to apply what is established in the law.


He explained that in 2007, Atamsa obtains permission to provide the service both to and from the airport, however, this does not solve the social problem. For this reason, in 2009 the State, through the Ministry of Tourism, was conciliating on both sides, since an effort was being made to place Mazatlan as a good tourist destination. 

He added that Atamsa agreed to give up providing the service in exchange for a tourist transport concession, which gave birth to the VIP Travel company, which was granted 10 permits for vans or trucks, as well as a seed capital of 7 500 thousand pesos, with the aim of solving the problem. 

This lasted until 2018, when Atamsa wanted to return the transport service from the city to the airport.

Source: EL Debate

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