Sorrow from the Venezuelan people that AMLO recognizes Maduro

Resultado de imagen para protestas contra maduro

A Member of the social democratic party Un Nuevo Tiempo, says that the Mexican president does not have clarity about what is happening in Venezuela.

Sorrow that AMLO recognizes Maduro

Interview with César Alonso, deputy of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

With the voice broken by the torrent of emotions that lived during the interminable day the deputy César Alonso, pertaining to the party A New Time, details to the Economist the new situation that Venezuela lives from two fundamental decisions: the oath of Juan Guaidó like president and the recognition made by the United States and a majority of Latin American countries.

-México does not join a large majority of Latin American countries in the recognition of Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela.

-It is a great sadness for the Venezuelan people, for those of us who are oppressed and persecuted by the Maduro regime, that President López Obrador recognizes that which today de facto usurps the Presidency of the Republic. I am sure that if the president of Mexico had clarity about what is happening here in Venezuela, or that his advisors told him, maybe his position would be different.

Resultado de imagen para protestas contra maduro

-Mexico turned around with respect to the previous administration.

-We have always been respectful of Mexico, which has the right to adhere to its principles of self-determination. Unfortunately there is a positioning that we would not want to have. Enrique Peña Nieto was different, had a clear position against the regime of a dictator.

-Maduro is hurt. We do not know if he is a political death, but he is wounded. How will your response be against you, the deputies and against Juan Guaidó?

– He’s going to sweep us, he’s going to annihilate us. We fear for our lives, but if through Juan Guaidó democracy can be restored in the country, it’s worth it. Given the recognition (of the National Assembly) of Juan Guaidó as president, there will surely be a persecution of opposition leaders and there will be political prisoners. In these moments Maduro is deeply evaluating what he can do.

-United States recognition of Juan Guaidó as president will reconfigure continental geopolitics. How do you feel about the decision of Donald Trump?

– For us it means a lot that the government of the United States recognizes Juan Guaidó as interim president because it is an endorsement for the Venezuelan struggle and (the United States) is a country with which there is a very important commercial exchange. The United States can break the commercial relationship with Maduro and those resources would no longer go to Maduro’s pocket.

Resultado de imagen para protestas contra maduro

-Mexico, Spain, Holland and Portugal appeal to the dialogue between Maduro and the opposition.

-With Maduro, dialogue is a very innocent word.

– Is there enough unity between the political parties that make up the National Assembly, the so-called Democratic Unity Table?

-There is no fear that the opposition will be diluted, politicians know that there is always a second chance.At this moment the future of Venezuela is being defined and if the people of Venezuela stand firm before the decisions like today (Wednesday), in the rescue and attachment to our democracy, I see opportunities.

-Maduro is supported by the support of the Army. There are fissures between the Armed Forces, but the dome protects it.

– Here in Venezuela there are more than 3,000 generals! Which are comfortable; Maduro gives them everything they need to be well provided they allow and endorse this regime so that it is maintained and perpetuated.

-Maduro does not know the National Assembly. Do you receive a salary?

-We have a National Assembly without any resources; the deputies do not receive any kind of payment, not even travel expenses to operate.

– What do they live on?

-We live to the day like any Venezuelan citizen. Our relatives help us. In my case I have a brother who has a business. He helps me.

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Source: El Economista

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