Sinaloa: Playa Espiritu is either finished or it will be Auctioned off


The President of Mexico emphasized that in visiting the facilities of the tourism project, you will see if it continues or is sold; explained that it is about 2 thousand 500 hectares that cost 150 MDD

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El Rosario, Sinaloa. The Integrally Planned Sustainable Center “Playa Espíritu” could be sold or auctioned, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the Republic, during his visit to southern Sinaloa.

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“It’s a land that was bought in a government and like 2,500 hectares for a tourism development, and they paid like 120-150 million dollars, and there it is, let’s see what we do with that land because they are the people’s goods, it’s money of the people, is money of Mexicans that we want to use for the benefit of Sinaloa, “he said.

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Lopez Obrador said that the visit he will make this Saturday afternoon to CIPS “Playa Espiritu” in Escuinapa, which will be private, will be to decide if the tourism project continues with government resources, or if it is sold or auctioned.

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“Nothing else we will see what is more convenient, if we end it as a government promotion with the private initiative or auction it, that is, it cost so much, we need money for the dams and other activities, companies that want to invest and we could do it in this way, “he said.

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“Sell it or develop it without getting lost; that at least we take what has been invested, because it is money of all the people, that is what we come from and we will continue to find, “added López Obrador.

The President of the Republic indicated that if the CIPS lands are sold or auctioned, the resource will be invested in benefit of the State of Sinaloa.

“Whatever is decided, it will be for the benefit of Sinaloa, those resources will be here, in Sinaloa; I want to see it, we will be constantly seeing each other, because there will be no divorce between people and Government, “he reiterated.

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