Sinaloa: AMLO commits to the completion of Santa María and Picachos dams


Announces 250 million pesos for the completion of the Santa María dam.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The president of the RepublicAndrés Manuel López Obrador, committed to the completion of the Santa María and Picachos dams in southern Sinaloa.

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During his speech in the meeting he held with leaders of the productive sector in his first official tour to Sinaloa announced that it has the resource of 250 million pesos available to resume the work of construction of the dam Santa María to the immediacy.

He added that if they are not enough within three months for its construction, he commits to contribute an additional 250 million pesos.

Resultado de imagen para presa Santa María y la presa Picachos

“Here in the south of Sinaloa I want to make the commitment that we are going to finish the Santa María dam and we are going to finish the Picachos dam (…) It is not going to lack budget, what is authorized is 250 million, good as they start to be exercised and yes to half, if in three months you need 250 million more I promise to get it, but it depends on you, “he stressed.

He said the obtaining of resources will not be a problem because the huachicoleo is fought correctly and the economic resources that are recovered from it are destined to go to finance other projects.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan, Reaccion informativa

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