MAZATLÁN-DURANGO railroad project was presented to AMLO


Priority issues, including the Mazatlan-Durango rail project, was addressed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on (January 26 and 27), Mazatlan mayor Luis Guillermo Torres said.

According to the Mexican Institute of Transportation, the Durango-Mazatlán railway project has been considered since its conception, at the beginning of the 20th century, as the largest infrastructure project in the country and with the largest investment in its time, a project through which it was intended to unite a corridor of the Pacific Ocean with the Gulf of Mexico, which would make feasible the development of traffic in the entire northeast area of ​​the country, however this goal could not be achieved. 

In an interview with the media in the framework of Civic Monday, the Chemist Benitez reiterated that the railroad will be a historic trigger for the municipality, hence the interest in promoting it and that during the present administration the foundations are laid for its initiation.

The mayor said that the weekend was worked on the logistics of the AMLO tour in the south of the state, where he will only visit the Santa María Dam and the Integrally Planned Beach Spirit Center, in El Rosario and Escuinapa, respectively.

When talking about the route that will be made during the presidential visit, he explained: 

“This Saturday we left Mazatlan at nine in the morning, we calculated to arrive at ten o’clock and the fraction (at the Santa María dam) and once we finished the event we headed to Playa Espiritu, and there in the offices of the company that has sheltered is going to do another event, that’s where the president goes to Culiacán. “

He added that another of the fundamental objectives of the tour of the national president is the boost to the Santa María Dam, a project that will trigger the agricultural activity of the region.

“There is already a resource of almost 300 million pesos, next year there will be a resource of almost between four and six billion pesos, because the benefit it brings to the entire agricultural area of ​​that part is incredible (…) practically the entire rural agricultural area bordering Mazatlan is going to detonate, “he concluded.

Source: Punto Mx, sinmurosnews

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