Mexico: ‘Ninis’ reject scholarships for training; they think they are going to study


Young people who do not study or work, known as “ninis”, have not been interested in the federal program “Young people building their future,” lamented Tonatiuh Guerra Martíne.

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It is very difficult to work with people who are not looking for support for training, it is like going back to school, but they have to get trained to receive that support, we have had a low response, really.

The municipal officials noted that so far there have been about 1,500 to 2 thousand people,” which is low, because these people have no health problems, mobility, are people who connect to social networks, read newspapers, he has an education, he has no excuse for not attending, let’s hope that these days he will come more “. Guerra Martínez said that it will be through the National Center to nd out how many young people are neither studying nor working from 18 to 29 years old.

“The scholarship is interesting, you have insurance and you are going to get pay, I think you are seeing young people like going back to school to get trained in a company, there is disinterest, the truth is yes.”

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The municipal officials explained that those who have arrived are people who stopped studying in the lower middle-class neighborhoods, not the marginalized areas, “those have not come close. Those who dedicate themselves to construction activities have not approached but the people who studied and did not find work positions, such as those of the Juarez, Olimpica, Independencia, Carranza, Sánchez Célis, those lower middle classes, are the ones they are going to register, because they studied and they did not find work “.

Asked how many “Bryan” youth have come to get support, he said they are practically everyone.

We’re not going to reach the total, it’s a fact, then we’ll see on the march what happened, why we did not cover 100 percent, where those 3 or 4 thousand people were missing, but we moved forward the last days, a lot, is because we left the ofces to go to work in the periphery, because the colonies were already covered, “said the Director of Welfare and Social Development

He commented that where they are low is in high school, because that process is being carried out by schools,”so it is necessary for schools to help us out more quickly.”

Those who did come almost all were the disabled, we have a full house every day, they take about 4 thousand registered from an availability of 5 thousand 190 slots

While from an estimated 38 thousand people of 68 and over, it takes about 4 thousand to register yet.

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