Jumapam increases water rate in Mazatlan in March


Jumapam ask Congress of the State to apply the update of tariffs due to inflation

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- As of March 1, the Municipal Water and Sewerage Board of Mazatlán ( Jumapam ) will apply indexation to the water tariff.

Jesús Medecigo Castañeda, commercial manager of the municipality , explained that the increase for the concept of inflationary update will be 1.47% on the receipt of the water.

That is, in the case of the minimum consumption of 82 pesos of the receipt, 1.20 pesos will be added for a total payment of 83.20 pesos.

He added that last Monday the proposal approved by the Ceapas (State Water Supply and Sewerage Commission of Sinaloa) was sent to the State Congress for review and publication in the Official State Gazette.

“Yesterday (Monday) went to the State Congress in Culiacán, they make the revision that we had properly applied the National Price Index which is 4.27% or 4.72%, based on that percentage there is already the increase in rates and they do the review and tell us if our calculations were adequate and it is published in the Official Gazette as a decree, “he said.

“Normally that starts from March 1 (…) would enter that increase in the total amount of the receipt, instead of 82 pesos would be more than 1.47%,” he specified.


The municipal official also reported that a reduction in the overdue portfolio has not been achieved, in such a way that the 32% lag corresponding to 248 million pesos prevails, of which just over 100 million pesos are already uncollectable due to having seniority more than 60 months.

“It is very dynamic, because a lot of people come to try to check their portfolio, to catch up, but unfortunately there are also many people who are not willing to continue paying, then on the one hand we recover portfolio but on the other hand we are swollen again and we have 32% more or less of overdue portfolio with respect to total billing, “he said.

However, he emphasized that this will not be a punishment administration and the recovery of the past due portfolio will be sought through negotiation.

Currently, the user registry of the Jumapam is 171 thousand, of which about 150 thousand correspond to domestic consumption and the rest industrial, commercial and public services. Almost 85% of the lag falls on domestic consumption. The current price per cubic meter of water is 55 pesos.


130 million pesos is the approximate amount of the overdue portfolio with the debugging of uncollectible invoices.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post