MAZATLÁN: Red and Green Taxis attack female Croc driver


* “They led us to violence”, they argued. 
* They attacked a commander and the general secretary of the Croc

Annoyed with authority, red taxi drivers, green and
aurigas blocked the free transit of Santa Rosa Avenue, when they detect a Croc taxi was circulating in the area.

Agresión en nuevo bloqueo de transportistas

In the midst of shouting and pushing, the male taxi drivers who provide service in town argued with the authorities and demanded they remove the driver of the unit that was in question.

The lane from south to north was completely interrupted by red taxi units, likewise, in the nearby lane the maneuver for those who sought to use this alternate road of the city was difficult.

It was at the height of the Jacarandas subdivision, where the protests rose in tone and one of these transporters shoved and assaulted a commander of the Ministry of Public Security, for which he was remanded to jail.

The leaders Arnoldo Bouciéguez Lizárraga, leader of the union of Red Taxis and Jesus Lizárraga, leader of Green Taxis, protested against being arrested, and demanded they will break agreements with the state government.

The shouting of offense against the female driver, as well as against the Secretary General of the Croc, never ceased, when a taxi driver assaulted the latter who ended up on the ground and was helped by the Delegate of Roads and Transportation, José Vallejo Cheek.

“Bravo to the teacher, take her pictures. she should be home cooking, “the haulers shouted at the female driver.

“They came to provoke us, we have not blocked them, they came to provoke the comrades, they taunted us and obviously we have to react,” Bouciéguez Lizárraga accused the police.

For his part, Hector Delgadillo, Secretary General of the Croc explained that this is the second time they face with organizations, despite having their documents to be able to circulate for the time being.

“They blocked us because they say we are irregular, but we left under documents that the court issued as a precautionary measure and a sentence that is still not being met and that the state-level leaders have not reached a formal settlement,” he said.

At all costs, the taxi driver demanded that the Croc’s unit should be towed and that it could not be freed even though the croc driver was trasporting an adult woman and a baby.

In response, Vallejo Carrillo arrived at the scene of the conflict, but the transporters present did not stop offending the members of the Croc, nor the police or the media.

After almost two hours, the croc unit was towed, in addition to being escorted by elements of the Ministry of Public Security for protection against further aggressions of the taxi drivers.

Source: Sel, TVP

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