Theft of garbage cans generates bad image in Zona Dorada


One of the main tourist faces of Mazatlan is undoubtedly the Golden Zone, and it is here where the presence of garbage has aroused the concern of the shops established in the area, because from past administrations just do not hit the appropriate garbage containers , all are stolen or broken, reported Citlálic Mendoza, a merchant in the area.

Previously, there were larger trash containers, but those were also stolen and they decided to exchange them for these, which are also stolen but they are smaller, we will have to look for a material that is not so attractive for lovers of others. they insure.

Meanwhile, this so-called Golden Zone is being overshadowed by the lack of brightness provided by the bad image left to visitors by these remains or skeletons of what were once garbage containers, not to mention other details such as this record that also at its moment it works for garbage.

Source: TVP

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