Mazatlan: Election of Carnival Queens will be at the CUM


* Change of venue, will no longer be in the Angela Peralta theater 
* Will accommodate up to 3 thousand attendees to the event

For the first time, the Multiple Use Center, located on Óscar Pérez Escobosa Avenue, will be the venue for the election of Mazatlan’s Carnival Queens.

“The venue and theater will be changed Angela Peralta emotions will be made in the Center of Multiple Uses, this was to have a greater capacity,” Juan Manuel Flores Vázquez, director of the Municipal Center for the Arts, in a press release .

The antecedent in the theater allowed to enter the event up to 800 people and the CUM has the capacity to accommodate up to 3 thousand attendees.

Meanwhile, authorities are preparing the return of the Carnival area to Olas Altas, to celebrate Equinox, The Rebirth of the Senses.

Source; Sel

The Mazatlan Post