Acuario Mazatlán will change its name and function


The project of the new Mazatlán Aquarium is about to start, after coping with the conditions that the current administration saw as points to be revised, a green flag has been given.

In an inspection tour, David González Torrentera, Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism, found that the negotiations were interesting and will bring benefits for society.

“You are seeing the possibility that in the next few days it will start. Right now we are in the inspection route and the areas that are going to start working, “he said.

For the consolidation of the project it is confirmed that the current paramunicipal will change its name, because now it will be through this one where it will be administered to the new Central Park.

“Once the new aquarium is inaugurated, it will change its vocation. What stays is the show of Sea Wolves and the paramunicipal will change its name, but it will be in charge of all the Central Park, “he revealed.

This will be addressed in the coming days through the advice of the Aquarium, in addition to the visit of investors from Vancouver, Canada.

In addition

Mazatlan Aquarium seeks to build 3 new attractions

It is a medusario, a contact tank and an aquarium aquaponics; with an investment of 2 million 063 thousand 572 pesos

The director of Mazatlan Aquarium, Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, announced the development of three new projects that aim to build new attractions for this site, which total a total investment of 2 million 063 thousand 572 pesos.

It is the construction of a medusario, which will have an investment of 1 million 639 thousand 318 pesos, a contact tank inside the aquarium that will require 241 thousand 137 pesos and an aquarium aquaponics, with an amount of 183 thousand 117 pesos .

The director of the paramunicipal in turn stressed that from the beginning of his administration until today has been maintained the area of ​​fish tanks, which has improved the quality of life and has increased the number of organisms and species that cohabit in the aquarium.

“(The maintenance) has allowed, first, to reduce the mortality rate that was had, from 6.1 percent monthly to 1.9 percent monthly; and increase the number of organisms from 570 in 98 species, to 828 organisms and 112 species, which represents an increase of 45.2 percent in these two months, “he said.

Also, Rojas Zepeda said that there has been an increase of up to 57 percent in the revenues of the paramunicipal during the last two months of the year, comparing 2017 with 2018.

At the same time, he congratulated himself by saying that it has been possible to reduce the monthly expenditure of food for fish and sea lions, spending from 229 thousand 400 pesos to 74 thousand 200 pesos, thus “saving” up to 68 percent in this concept.

The aquarium director also shared that since his administration began, projects that were pending in the past administration have been completed and maintenance work has also been carried out in the theater of sea lions, the striped tank and almost all the exhibition areas, as well as the construction of platforms and ramps for people with disabilities.

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