You can now buy Kobe meat in Mexico


It’s official: Mexico already sells Kobe meat. And not only that, our country is the only one in Latin America with this certification.

In an official presentation attended by Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan, Yasushi Takase, Ambassador of Japan in Mexico , Tadashi Minemura, Director General of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Mexico and Santiago García, Director General of La Comer Group, City Market was declared as the store that will market Kobe meat in our country.

The certificate, valid for two years, is issued by the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association, together with JETRO, which is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The process to obtain this recognition was quite unique. “It took us approximately 5 months to get the certification,” said Gerardo Rodríguez Pérez, Purchasing, Meat, Poultry and Own Brand Manager at Cárnicos within Grupo La Comer. “First we send a letter requesting membership of the Association at an international level. They responded by saying that we had probably made a mistake,because normally these kinds of programs go to more developed countries. “

To be accepted, the chain had to demonstrate the way in which they handle all the imported meat products, as well as their ethical protocols and the type of clients to whom they are directed.


A committee representing Japan was invited to visit Mexico and the practices that are carried out. After an audit and a four-month wait, the Association declared that it would be “an honor” to be part of the City Market project and that they would be granted exclusivity in the Kobe trade.

“This meat does not come to compete with the national meat,” Rodríguez Pérez clarified. “It’s a very differentiated shopping experience and it goes to a specific niche, very special people.”

Who is Kobe meat for?

With a cost of up to $ 9,000 per kilo, it is definitely an exclusive meat with a very clear consumer in mind. “He is a client who likes to  live gastronomic experiences and who has traveled. You have seen several parts of the world and now from the comfort of your home you can access those flavors. “

With this, City Market becomes the first store in Mexico and Latin America with official validation to sell Kobe meat. Whoever purchases a cut of this meat, even if it is 100 grams, receives the certificate of authenticity and quality.

Japan’s interest in placing its products in our country is stronger than ever; In the near future we will be able to find sushi , chicken and pork products from the country of the rising sun and under the same standards as Kobe res.

Yasushi Takase, Japan’s ambassador to Mexico, highlighted the more than 400 years of friendship that unite both nations. Today there are about 1,200 Japanese restaurants in our country, “a little less than taquerias,” he joked.


Why is Kobe meat so special?

The Japanese concern about the purity of a race is present in this meat: for more than 200 years it has been avoided that these cattle are crossed with any other variety, even cattle of other prefectures within the same city. This preserves muscles and marbling genes.

The cattle spend their entire lives in a heavenly environment. Their diet includes forage, straws of rice, whole silage and supplements of soybeans, corn, barley, and wheat. In addition, during their growth, the cattle enjoy the care and personalized treatment because each one of them is assigned to a single caregiver during a period of 28 months, a period in which this one is dedicated exclusively to the care of the cattle, even without to be able to see his family.

Source: Gourmet de Mexico

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