AMLO announces that there will be free Internet connection on highways


This morning, the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that there will be free Internet connection on roads, public squares, hospitals and schools. 

In his morning conference, the president said he will bid again, from scratch, the fiber optic trunk network of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to bring connectivity to the entire country since currently only a quarter of the national territory It is covered.

“That fiber optic line, which is around 26 thousand kilometers, will be tendered and, as consideration, the company or companies that obtain the concession will have, among other things, to offer free Internet on roads, public squares, hospitals , in schools and a quantity of resources for the maintenance of the facilities “.

He explained that the previous tender was suspended because “since the Telecommunications Reform, the problem that we are interested in was not contemplated or has not been solved: connectivity. There was that reform, like the energy and the others, and it turns out that the country has a great delay in connectivity. ” 

“Only 25% of the territory has connectivity. Only in 25% of the national territory can talk by mobile phone. In 75% there is no communication. So, the question is: Why was this issue omitted in the Reformation?

Fortunately, the president said “we have this line of the Federal Electricity Commission – which was going to be delivered with the same criteria of serving only the populations where the market is – but the state has a social function to guarantee communication to all the Mexicans. It is a right. ” 

The tender goes “from scratch” . “We are already reviewing the bases for the new tender. In a month we will be able to launch this new tender, asking for the participation of companies with state-of-the-art technology, because what matters to us is to communicate to all of Mexico. It is a commitment that even in the most remote communities you can talk. Fortunately, we have the way to do it because there is a network of the Federal Electricity Commission, “concluded the President.

Source: El Universal

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