Finally! Caravan loaded with 3500 fuel trucks headed to Mexico City


There is no loss, if you have a car, you already had to wait in line to load gas in the city. After a week with alterations in the fuel supply, a caravan of 3,500 gasoline pipes will arrive at the CDMX.

Resultado de imagen para caravana de pipas

According to El Universal, these double-trailer tanks were deployed by the National Chamber of Cargo Autotransport (Canacar) and have the capacity to transport up to 60 thousand liters each, thus exceeding the Pemex pipes, which can transport only 20 thousand liters.

The caravan of gasoline fuel trucks in the CDMX left the refinery of Minatitlán, bound for the capital of the country and is guarded by 8,200 police officers and 1,400 vehicles to ensure their safety on the journeys.

Where do the petrol pipes go in the CDMX

This measure is part of the agreement made on Friday night January 11 between federal authorities and the Canacar to transport fuel to service stations and help supply gas stations.

With this, the monopoly that the Pemex Union has on the transportation of hydrocarbons in the so-called “last mile” is momentarily lifted, which is nothing more than the stretch between the storage terminal and the gas stations.

Thus, the gas pipes in the CDMX arrive at the distribution and storage center of Petróleos Mexicanos, located between the boundaries of the Azcapotzalco and Miguel Hidalgo municipalities.

The first reservations arrived in the capital on Saturday, January 12, as documented by Miguel Elizalde, president of the association and from 08:00, El Universal, recorded a constant departure of units loaded with fuel and air activity of the Navy. So its distribution to service centers will begin in the next few hours.

While this is good news for all chilangos, we remind you that during the next few days, it would not hurt to continue with the responsible consumption of this resource, so we leave you some tips to save gas .

Source: El Universal, Chilango

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