The Organization of American States declares illegitimate the new government of Nicolás Maduro


The Organization of American States approved a resolution to declare as illegitimate the new government of President Nicolás Maduro, after taking protest for a second term in Venezuela.

The Organization of American States (OAS) approved Thursday a resolution to declare illegitimate the second term of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

The resolution approved by 19 votes in favor, six against, eight abstentions and one absence declares “the illegitimacy of the new period of Nicolás Maduro that began on January 10″.

The measure “calls for the holding of new presidential elections with all the guarantees necessary for a free, fair, transparent and legitimate process,” the resolution stipulated.

Among the countries that voted in favor were Argentina, the United States, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Canada and Brazil.

Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and some Caribbean countries voted against and among the countries that abstained was Mexico.

The extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the OAS was requested by the missions of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Peru.

Maduro won on May 20 an election boycotted by the opposition. His country is mired in a serious political and economic crisis that has forced 2.3 million people to leave the country since 2015, according to the UN.

The crisis in Venezuela has caused shortages of food and medicine and, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), inflation in 2019 will reach 10’000,000 percent.

The General Assembly of the OAS is made up of the delegations of all active member states, which currently number 34 since Cuba does not participate.

Source: El Economista

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