The archaeological wealth of Rosario will be exhibited


The exhibition will be in the Chametla police station from Sunday 13 of this month, for two weeks.

Rosario.- In order to disseminate the cultural riches that can not be shown in the museum and on the eve of the festivities for the 488 anniversary of the beginning of miscegenation in Sinaloa, which entered through Chametla, pieces that have been rescued will be exhibited to the public and restored by archaeologists in the aforementioned union.

Maribel Barraza Pineda, in charge of the museum of this town, explained that these pieces have been taken from the archaeological works that have been taking place for some time in the area known as El Tecomate, which is at the entrance of the sindicatura. INAH staff has meticulously restored them since most of them are fractured.

Barraza Pineda said that the exhibition will be at the Chametla police station from Sunday 13 this month for two weeks and will be very independent of those in the museum.

We want more than anything that people know these pieces and that they know about the work that archeologists are doing.

He added that in some of the pieces there will be a description of the historical and indigenous importance that they have within the archaeological context, since the next event is about the meeting of two cultures, this being the pre-Hispanic part of the festival.

New enigmas

In Rosario have appeared more pieces that have paid more questions about the first groups that populated the municipality. Inhabitants of the surrounding communities, including Chele, Palos Blancos, Copales and Hacienda del Tamarindo, and people from this same union continue to contribute with pieces for the growth of the building, which has a large cultural heritage.

Jorge Ismael Rubio Muñoz, in charge of the museum of Cacalotán, tells that an inhabitant of this town arrived with a piece that was found in the mountain and that has a writing very different from those that have been studied and used by the tribes of the region.

Source: El Debate

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