Unlicensed massage house closed down, clients brought by taxis


A massage parlor that operated without permission and to which the main clients were taken by taxi drivers from Mazatlan, was closed by the City Council. 

The establishment is located on the second floor of Constitution Street between Rosales and Francisco Villa, in the heart of the city. From the street, you can see that from a window hangs a red bulb.

In the operation carried out on Wednesday night, municipal inspectors found that it operated without authorization.

Inside there was a waiting room, small rooms with a single bed and the main door read the legend “Mr. Taxi driver please come up with your clients “, sign that was removed because in the morning it was no longer; but that is why it is thought that it was the workers at the wheel who carried the clientele.

There was also a sign that said “we already open on Sundays”

Source: Ras Noticias

The Mazatlan Post