More Investment pouring into Mazatlan including 6 additional Hotels


In addition, it seeks to implement a circuit that promotes accessibility for people with some type of disability

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. “Currently 9 billion pesos are being established in investment execution, there are about 14 billion pesos more to start, that brings unprecedented investments in our municipality, we are the municipality in the state in which more is being invested “, announced the Secretary of Municipal Economic Development, David González Torrentera.

Esperan 6 nuevos hoteles para Mazatlán

Therefore, the entrepreneur congratulated himself by mentioning the expectation for 2019.

“We bring several hotel chains that come to be established: around six, there is an expected investment that starts this year close to 14 billion pesos, a single Mazatlan company will invest 4 billion pesos in the next two years, then there is a lot of investment that comes to our city, “he said.

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He also pointed out that during the last day of 2018 the Ceprofies of 3 new projects were signed for this coming year.

Regarding the tourism that arrives by sea through cruise ships, González Torrentera affirmed that this year the arrival of 140 ships with tourists on board is expected. For this, he said that they are working on a friendly and accessible circuit that offers greater accessibility to tourists who have a disability.

“Within the coordination of strategic projects we are working on a friendly circuit for cruise passengers, we have the blue line currently but it is very limited, it only reaches Carnaval Street and it ends there.

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“What we are going to do is an integral project where we enter from the topic of accessibility because the transit in the city for people with disabilities is complicated in the historic center, so we are working on a friendly and accessible circuit as we are also working in the inclusive beaches … What is sought is that Mazatlan is a city that can receive people with disabilities because it is a niche that has not been very well attended in our country, “he added.

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