Mazatlan Landfill will be full in 3 years, and no replacement


There is still no project to acquire  new land where a landfill can be made

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Director of Public Services of the City Council, Antonio González Olague, spoke respecting the corresponding payment of the ejidatarios of the Mazatlán landfill, where he affirmed that the payment was already covered to the 46 people who owed them the rent of the land and confirmed that the collector trucks are already entering to unload the waste.

“Fortunately, it was solved, the process was already in place, and they were desperate for just reason to not receive payment in the two months we had, they were owed 395 thousand pesos of two months, this for the rent of the properties that are 35 hectares that they use landfills, “he explained.


-How much life is left?

“I think he has what remains of this administration (three years), and we are already seeing the possibility of a new dump or a sanitary landfill.”

“In fact, we already started with that process, there is still not enough information, and land for that use cannot be just any lot, specific González Olague.

Source: Informational Reaction

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