A tradition was born in Mazatlan with the massive New Year 2019 event


Mazatlan Interactivo, recognizing the efforts and vision of Mayor Luis Guillermo Banítez Torres and the director of culture Óscar Blancarte, generated a complete video of the pyrotechnic fires that night, for those who could not attend, they appreciate it in the full magnitude of this already is called: The new tradition in Mazatlan

  • Exceeds New Year’s celebration expectations at Olas Altas
  • Mazatlán Interactivo recognizes the vision of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and Oscar Blancarte and encourages them to continue thinking big in Mazatlan

The “Welcome 2019, New Year Celebration” event is here to stay, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, noting that this celebration was held in Olas Altas on the night of December 31, exceeded expectations.

In the conference “Facing the people” every Wednesday, he mentioned that there were fifteen thousand people who came to the party to welcome 2019, in the midst of good vibes, laughter, hugs, coexistence and good wishes.

He added that the human warmth of the assistants calmed the cold of that night.

“In total 300 tables were installed with their respective tablecloth, three thousand chairs, five beer bars, two screens with audio to cover the space up to the Shield, so the whole area was voiced; the installation of public restrooms at the intersections in the Paseo Olas Altas area, “he explained.

The New Year's Tradition is born in Mazatlan in 2019 (1)

He recalled that there were two musical groups, the Falsa Orquesta Cubana and MazShow, which set the stage for the event that ended with a white balance, thanks to the participation of Public Security and relief and rescue corporations.

The Chemist said that just at the end of the celebration, at 02:00 hours on January 1, cleaning and cleaning crews of Public Services swept the area to leave the Paseo Olas Altas impeccable because that same day they would arrive at the port three tourist cruises.

A tradition was born in Mazatlan with the massive New Year event 2019 4

“This is an event that comes to stay, I must admit that exceeded the expectations we had of it. We were short with bathrooms, maybe with sound, but we never believed that this amount of citizens would arrive “.

Ready for Kings Day

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres informs that the City Council will hold a celebration for the Day of Kings, on Sunday, January 6

The municipal president Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres said that the City is already with the preparations for the celebration of the Day of Kings, which will be on Sunday, January 6 at the baseball stadium El Chaflán, in the Colonia Valles del Ejido, from 15: 00 hours

He added that they expect the attendance of a thousand people, who will be given kings threads, chocolate, hot dogs, fresh water and there will be piñatas, the raffle of gifts such as bicycles, tickets to visit the Aquarium, as well as 500 products donated by the company Mazatleca, D’portenis.

Source: Mazatlan Interactivo

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