Disable spaces in Mazatlan will be respected or fines will be issued


Transito has the capacity to fine that car that occupies space reserved for the disabled if it does not have a license plate or any sticker that indicates it is disabled.

MAZATLÁN.- While in Culiacán they have already begun to act against drivers who do not respect places for the handicapped or pregnant women, in Mazatlan, they are hardly willing to do anything about it, because they do not respect the places for handicapped people or the ramps that must be in the corners of the streets.
It is enough to walk through some streets to see that although the few ramps are obstructed, as they need paint or signage or, there are no corners.
The problem occurs in public places, where despite signs that it is a place for disabled people, painted on the street as in advertisements on flying buttresses, the rush of some drivers or the “valemadrismo”, makes them park in these places, that get off their cars without suffering from any bodily disease or lack of any member in their body, or, in the best of cases, do not bring a plaque that says it is a disabled person or a sticker on some glass of the car that indicates it.
Commander Luis Eduardo Enciso Guzmán, deputy director of Municipal Transit, said that fines are being applied to drivers who are caught parked in exclusive places for people with disabilities.
Without saying how many fines have been applied, he explained that they apply when they are seen with the naked eye, especially in shopping centers open to the public, where fines of 12 minimum wages, about 1,200 pesos or so are applied.
He acknowledged that drivers are not making proper use of spaces for people with limitations and people arrive and park their vehicles there, for the convenience of getting closer to the door of the store.
For Commander Enciso Guzmán, they have the ability to apply fines within a shopping center as long as they are not fenced in or charged for parking, when there are no such circumstances they can apply the fines, because it is a risk they are on the road public and that are part of a public service offered to the public.
Specified that the vehicle that has the badge or badge of disabled person will be respected, to detect that it is a special vehicle or in its case have some decalcomanía of some institution officially established as the case of the DIF or any unit that has the capacity of grant that type of decal.
“If at sight you do not appreciate anything, it is a reason for a sanction,” he said.
“Any vehicle that is in these special places, must have a distinctive or that boasts that the person has a limitation and is found, but if the vehicle is already parked and does not have a badge because we do not know and you will have to apply the fine that corresponds to him “.
He considered that this problem is not so serious, but that it is a matter of the conscience of the people, that there are people who have limited capacity and we must respect space for them.
For its part, the municipal mayor, Verónica Bátiz Acosta, reported that when they realize that there are drivers who are violating the space intended for people with disabilities, they communicate through a group (WhatsApp) where they pass the information and they take pictures of him and immediately the problem is taken into account.
He said that it is up to Municipal Transit to intervene when there is a report that drivers do not respect the reserved spaces.
She indicated that motorists should respect the areas reserved for people with different abilities and that she is an advocate of respecting these reserved places.
Bátiz Acosta said that in the case of commercial plazas, if there are reports, you can go and have the cars withdrawn, “I do know about that.”
The director of the municipal DIF System, Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga, informed that they are about to start a campaign “Occupy my space, not my place”, which is scheduled for mid-February to start this campaign in the municipality and wants to replicate in this place the same as other parts of the state.
He acknowledged that people are little aware of the effort a person with a disability makes to move from one place to another.
“We are going to attend that campaign in mid-February, mainly in the shopping centers,” he said.
Rodríguez Lizárraga considered that the driver should be fined when there is abuse on their part, but since they are in a private area such as commercial zones, there must be an agreement with the shopping centers so that the crane can even be removed. the vehicle there.
“I consider it fair for people with some disability or pregnant women make a very big effort to be able to move from the parking lots that are practically in the periphery in the places where they are; It is a prevention program that we are going to do and we want to do it in mid-February. “
He reiterated that it will be a program to support people with disabilities but it is more to create awareness, “is to raise awareness because more and more people are still throwing garbage through the window, the cigarette butt, then it is nothing more than lack of awareness to occupy spaces for people with disabilities, but other actions that make us ill, and that is what we want to do, a campaign where people are sensitized “.
The municipal official stressed that if someone has a disability, of course, the municipal DIF is given a decal where he is given a space, a decal or a hook in the rearview mirror that he is a person with a disability.
He added that this person only wants to bring the study from the doctor that gives them the certainty that this person has some disability and here in the municipal DIF that decal is processed.
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