Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies in Mazatlan ask for laws to be applied and taxis sanctioned 


By wanting to save two hundred taxi jobs They affect an entire industry where more than half of Mazatlecos live from, tourism, the authority has to apply transport regulations 

Mazatlan, Sin.- The conflict of public transport between taxi drivers and Atamsa must be solved by the corresponding authorities, the blocking actions only affect tourism and the image of Mazatlan, in which it has been invested to have a first class port, and these facts are not valid, said Julio Birrueta.

The leader of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies in Mazatlan regretted this type of events, such as that recorded at the weekend, and where there is a controversy between unions, and the worst thing is that they do justice with their own hand, directly affecting the main activity with serious repercussions immediately.

“Bear in mind that there are millions and millions of pesos that are invested in the promotion, and we can not do anything more for specific groups and that they do not agree and the authority that does not act to risk all this investment, has gone well and we can not allow this to affect us. “

Julio Birrueta said that as part of the tourist union they ask the corresponding instances to apply the law, as it should be, because they have been dealing with this problem for several years, so that through blockades no agreement can be reached.

“If it can not be solved through the corresponding means we are going to ask the State instances to release the transport, they are not going to leave another way out”.

He agreed that it is possibly not a serious crime to detain people, but what they have to do is stop the units and apply sanctions, it is easier for two unions to agree and work in a coordinated manner according to the law.

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