As of January 2 mazatlecos may make their complaints through the application Mazatlan App


The tool is now ready and can be installed for free on smartphones

Mazatlan.- With the objective of following up complaints and citizen complaints about the work of the Municipal Government, the application Mazatlan App will be launched as of January 2, 2019.

A computer tool designed to be installed on mobile devices will allow citizens to make reports for any address or paramunicipal and that the corresponding instances will follow up and solve.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said that the application will function as a “tomography” of the government apparatus since it will leave a mark of what has not been resolved and will force a more efficient administration.

“In order to point out all the faults that exist in the city, not everyone dares to do it because it will allow any citizen to report us and leave the trace of something that has not worked (…) it will allow me, as mayor, tell a director that he has a problem-solving deficit, ‘hey, what’s wrong with you? you are not fulfilling ‘, and if you do not solve it then another one will come and go that will solve it, because nobody here has a safe position, “he said.

He added that, in the first months of his administration, he personally attends complaints that come to him via social networks and he follows them up, however, the capacity of attention and response will be multiplied once the Mazatlan App takes office.

“It will help us a lot (…) it is not easy to upload an app of that type (…) we put a tomography of the City Council so that anyone knows if we are doing it right or wrong,” he concluded.

Source: SEL

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