CFE will increase energy rate in January


The measure is due to the fact that the Energy Regulatory Commission will continue applying the same formula, which represents an increase of 0.41 percent

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) announced that, in order to provide certainty to users, the current method for determining the final rates of basic supply will continue in force during 2019.

Likewise, it notified that as a consequence of the application of the same, the rates that users of the industrial, services and commercial sectors will receive by CFE Basic Services Provider for January will be on average 0.41 percent higher than in December.

“The tariff will be updated monthly during 2019 under the current method, while new provisions for a new tariff period are determined,” said the regulatory body.

The Commission fulfills its mission to generate favorable conditions to have the energy that the country requires

The final rates of basic supply apply to 10 percent of the users and do not impact the domestic and agricultural sectors, which represent the remaining 90 percent, highlighted the CRE.

The CRE methodology calculates the final rates of basic supply by recognizing the efficient costs along the entire electric sector chain, based on the principles of competence and efficiency emanating from the Electricity Industry Law.

Change of fee

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco) Culiacán, Octavio Crespo, said that after negotiations led by Sinaloa merchants and restaurateurs before the Energy Regulatory Commission, they achieved a 15 percent reduction in the cost of the electricity tariff for the period October to December, but despite the profit made, the business leader said the measure is insufficient to excessive consumption that businesses perform, especially in the hot season, when air conditioners are kept they lit throughout the day.

Before the null information and specification in which the Federal Electricity Commission and the CRE perform the formula to determine the cost of electricity, the merchant demanded that the agencies in charge and the businessmen have to carry out a thorough analysis to obtain tariffs more just to allow businesses to be more competitive.

What we want is for you to reduce the cost of electricity rates

For the next year, the leader of Canaco pointed out the need to manage before the different instances of the federal government the rate change for Sinaloa.

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