Mazatlan City Hall must pay 300 million pesos


The sentence is irrevocable and those responsible will pay for its omission, said the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Following the ruling issued by the Second Collegiate Court on Administrative Matters, as a result of the amparo trial number 148/2018, the City of Mazatlan is forced to pay 300 million pesos to the company Nafta y LubricantesCooperative Society of Limited Liability and Variable Capital.

This due to the payment of the principal and its accessories that oscillated in 140 million pesos, due to the cancellation of the permit granted for the construction of a new gas station, the surcharges, fines, and others that raised the debt to said number, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He stressed that the resolution of this trial cannot be evaded but that once the lawyers of both parties reach an agreement on how and when the payment will be made, those responsible for omission will also fall and respond.

He referred to the problems that arose in the last three years of Alejandro Higuera Osuna, but that the greatest seriousness falls on the former mayor Carlos Eduardo Faltón González for having omitted the defense of the trial and not having attended any of the calls where The last three administrations are also responsible for the former councilors, the Ombudsman and secretaries of the City Council.

The mayor at risk of going to jail if the municipality does not pay 

The City Council reaches agreement with the company, which must pay up to 300 million pesos, says the secretary of the City, Jose de Jesus Flores Segura. 
Mazatlan .- For “tricks” of past administrations, the mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres could have gone to prison for up to ten years for the Nafta case, however, there is already an agreement with the company and the City must pay up to 300 million pesos.

The secretary of the City Council, Jose de Jesus Flores Segura, said that the situation was presented after a ruling in the lawsuit that started the company Nafta Lubricantes SA de CV against the Government of Mazatlan, for stopping the construction of a gas station in the Palos Prietos subdivision, in 2012. 
“Here the problem is that you have to pay this, here it is no longer ‘how we do it, in abonitos ” small payments” ‘, the law does not distinguish. The law is not saying pay, the magistrate says to comply with the president. “

During the administration of Alejandro Higuera Osuna, the City Council issued a permit to build a gas station on Cruz Lizárraga Avenue, in the Palos Prietos neighborhood, but in 2014 for an injunction processed by a neighbor, the project was canceled and the private company sued the Municipality. 

“It is urgent and necessary to pay, comply with an order of a collegiate court because if not, the authority responsible for this matter is the citizen president, the director of Ecology in function. They could suffer a penalty of five to ten years in prison, a fine of one hundred to one thousand days, as well as the dismissal and disqualification of five to ten years to perform another position, employment, commission, “he explained.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan, RAS Noticias

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