Mexican Researchers discovered an alternative medicine, extracted from Skunk Grass or Payche


APACIN (Petiviera alliacea)

Researchers from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Technological University of Tecámac discovered an alternative medicine.

Merida Yucatan; Due to the geographical location that shares both climate and soil conditions similar to Central America and the Caribbean islands. Several herbal remedies are known both in Cuba and in Guatemala or Chiapas, often changing the popular name of the plants, but the use is the same. Such is the case of Apacín in Guatemala, known as Zorrillo or Payché in Yucatán and Anamú in Cuba.

The roots and leaves of this plant have a strong smell, similar to garlic. This plant contains numerous elements that act in a similar way to insulin, decreasing blood sugar levels.

This plant has motivated a lot of interest due mainly to its anti-tumor effects, excellent for the prostate.

In Brazil, the whole plant is used in infusion as antispasmodic, diuretic, stimulant and sudorific and in cases of menstruation problems. It is used against arthritis, malaria, rheumatism, memory problems, as a local analgesic and as an anti-inflammatory in various skin conditions.

Nowadays, pharmacological research laboratories are dedicated to scrutinizing the properties of Payché as a cancer inhibitor, intestinal parasites as well as to its anti-inflammatory properties, to help mitigate pain and, finally, to reduce the level of sugar in the blood and boost the immune system.

In Guatemala, they crush the root and inhale it to treat the sinusitis and they mash the leaves and boil them to take them and deal with it digestive affections, slow digestion, flatulence, and even fever.

In Cuba, naturopathic medicine prepares a concoction called “Miel de güira” with all the parts of the plant mixed with the pulp of the jícara or güira and is used to treat women with fibroids, bleeding and problems to get pregnant. A decoction of the whole plant is also used in cases of cancer and diabetes.

Source: Reporteroshoy, Pautamx

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