UN advises Mexico not to use the army in security tasks


Rainer Huhle, vice president of the UN Committee on Forced Disappearance, stressed that the military is not trained for the type of tasks assigned to the police.

Dr. Rainer Huhle, vice president of the Committee against Forced Disappearance of the United Nations Organization (UN) held a meeting with senators of the Republic, where this official said that the agency he represents is concerned that Mexico will use elements of the Armed Forces for its internal security, and expressed that “the military is not the ideal body for security”.

When questioning him whether the creation of the National Guard with elements of the Armed Forces was a good option to combat the insecurity that exists in the Republic or could constitute a risk to increase the cases of displacement or forced disappearance, he indicated that he can not guarantee if this increases the possibility of enforced disappearances, but stressed that the UN clearly states that the military is not the ideal body to conform to public security, “they are military and have another training, another philosophy of acting in comparison with the police that are to protect citizens in the interior of the country.

He also clarified that the functions between police and military are different and “they can not be mixed and that is what worries us”

He added that the presiding Commission has taken note of the 37,000 people displaced in Mexico in the last year, but stressed that in reviewing these figures, the Committee has not been able to understand how this figure is constructed, and they contrast with previous official data. , “That makes us see that there is a need to clarify more the figures and break them down by dates, concurrence, and by presumed authors and people who have been found dead or alive by the threats of displacement”.

Likewise, Dr. Huhle criticized that Mexico lacks the capacity for an immediate reaction when a person disappears, and also expressed the hope that, in the Commission, a faithful base can be obtained to advance in the search for the disappeared persons here in the country. country.

At the end of the work meeting, the senator without party Emilio Álvarez Icaza recalled that the forced internal disappearance was a phenomenon that during the war against the drug was denied by the governments of the ex-presidents Felipe Calderón, and this denial caused due attention, and Consequently, there are no figures or attention due to the victims.

“The truth of things the most conservative figures speak of more than 320 thousand displaced people, mostly by the acts of violence, people deprived of their heritage by violence, in some cases in coexistence with the crime. It is the most serious case of the absence of the State that adds to serious violations of Human Rights such as forced disappearances, “he said.

He also indicated that this new government began recognizing the phenomenon and recognizing the character of victims of displaced persons, he concluded.


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